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Tsuba 鍔 (Sword Guards) and Seppa 切羽 (Spacers)

Tsuba 鍔 are guards for both Katana and Wakizashi.  They protect the hands from your opponents sword when parrying / blocking and protect your hands from slipping forward when thrusting.  Seppa 切羽 are the spacers found on either side of the tsuba.  Changing the tsuba is a fairly easy DIY project that can give your katana or wakizashi a custom look and feel.

  • These tsuba are great for customizing your Katana or Wakizashi.  Don't forget the seppa 切羽 if you need to adjust for tsuba thickness.


Nihonzashi Wakizashi Steel Tsuba

These tsuba have been designed for the martial artist.  They are made of 1008 plate steel with a tough finish designed for real use. 

  • Designed for martial arts and real use
  • Plate steel construction
  • Tough powder coat satin black finish
  • Simple classical designs are easy on the hands
  • We can make matching katana tsuba for daisho sets
  • Rims are polished to remove sharp edges
  • Also available in  in custom colors.

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Kaku Kogai Tsuba
Kaku Kogai
(square with holes)
2.5"x2.3"x0.18" 106g
Otafuku Tsuba
(rounded diamond)
2.5"x2.3"x0.18" 76g
Kaku Mokku Kogai Tsuba
Kaku Mokku Kogai
(square lobe with holes)
2.5"x2.4"x0.18" 110g
Hakkakukei Tsuba
Hakkakukei (octagon)
2.5"x2.3"x0.18" 102g

Custom Powder Coat Finishes  Get Item Price

  • Customized colors for your tsuba or other fittings
  • Stands up to real use
  • Adds an extra level of customization
  • Can be applied to tsuba, fuchi, kashira, or seppa that can stand up to the 450 degree curing process.
  • Gloss and matte clear coats available for extra protection of other finishes

Silver Vein



Architectural Bronze

Wrinkle Black

Copper Vein

Gloss Black

Black Chrome


Plain Steel Tsuba  Get Item Price

  • Imported from Japan
  • Tough durable finish

Mokko Katana Tsuba
3.11 x 2.85 x 0.16" 108g

Namako Katana Tsuba
3.11 x 2.84 x 0.16" 110g

Ume Katana Tsuba
2.97 x 2.63 x 0.16" 116g
Tomoe Katana Tsuba
3.07 x 3.07 x 0.16" 110 g

Small and Large Seppa 切羽  Get Item Price

  • .03 inch thick
  • small is 1.58 x 0.97 inch
  • large is 1,66 x 1.01 inch
  • Available in Gold and Blackened Silver Finishes

Custom TsubaPrevious Item Next Item

We offer custom tsuba (Guards) machined from solid brass and finished in a super durable powder coat. You can pick from one of our designs or create your own. We can also add detailed engraving for the ultimate personal touch. We can engrave kamon (family crests), English text, Japanese text, or your own graphics. These tsuba make great gifts or presentation pieces.

  •  Define your own shape, or use one from our library of classic shapes
  •  Select a powder coat finish
  •  Define any engraving using your artwork or let use design it for you
  •  We will do the rest to create your custom tsuba
  •  We can accommodate different thickness and sizes
  •  We can make wooden gift boxes for the ultimate presentation piece

We start with a sheet of 1/4 inch thick brass stock and machine out each individual tsuba on a CNC machine. You can define your own shape and send us a bitmap image, or use one from our library of classic shapes. The machining is done with a 1/8 inch cutter, so any inside corners will be rounded. Engraving can be done before or after powder coating. Engraving after powder coating will produce a high contrast design. You can define the engraving on flat surfaces by sending us a bitmap image (higher resolution is better). Engraving is done with a 15 degree engraving bit that can create very sharp lines and very small text. Remember that the center of the tsuba is covered when installed on a sword, so any engraving in that area will not show up (this area is sometimes used for a signature or the name of the owner).

* Click on thumbnails for full sized pictures

Flat Tsuba

Custom Solid Tsuba

Raised Tsuba

Custom Solid Tsuba

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